Bullet-Proof Marriage & Bullet-Proof Spirit

Any police professional with a serious commitment to understanding and mitigating the professional and personal stresses of a police career knows well the challenges of stress in your life and career. Sergeant Danny Fleischer and his wife Robin can take their 3 decades of law enforcement experience, expertise, and married law enforcement life to bring powerful and effective guides, resources and keys for preparation for trauma, protection, and healing for all those devoted to public safety, all with good humor.

They will:

* provide essential emotional intelligence and wellness information to promote officer survivability and protection against the many adverse effects of the profession

* teach tactical emotional intelligence techniques, effective methods to process stress, overcome trauma, proactive strategies to protect and heal their spirit to maintain mental, emotional, and physical wellness

* show ways to maintain your motivation and professionalism while serving to protect and give life to others with compassion, integrity, and good health

* provide resources for necessary EOW and LODD information 

* One-on-One Meetings

* Workshops/Retreats

* Seminars/Conferences

* Training Academy

* New Recruit Classes/Family Night

* Sgt. Fleischer can be contacted for further info for Training/FTO

We are here to help you face your unique challenges, develop solutions, and build successful careers! 


Our Ideal Client:

  • You may have trouble identifying your skillset in the best possible way

  • You are frustrated by the overwhelming job search process and endless pit of information

  • You want to feel like you wrote your own resume...only you don't have to...

  • You want to feel confident and prepared to WOW the employers you speak to when interviewing

  • You want to know how to optimize your resume to match the jobs you are seeking

  • You want an expert, certified in her industry, to be your Coach, working with you and for you

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