The Mission of World Laughter Tour, Inc. is to create and disseminate an adjunctive therapeutic modality called “laughter therapy”, by properly applying laughter theories and practices into multi-generational, multi-cultural, systematic health and happiness programs.


We do this by promoting attitudes that support mental and physical health, thereby helping primary treatments work better, and by teaching methods that are uplifting, simple, effective and powerful. We believe these methods make a remarkable impact both in the overall health and wellness of every individual we teach and serve, as well as making the world a better place; one filled with laughter, kindness, tolerance, forgiveness, and harmony.

We promote a worldwide movement for health, happiness and peace by encouraging everyone to tap into the positive benefits of laughter and humor, which are natural pathways to the mind and body, thereby directly related to mental and physical health.


PLUS, we teach a method that changes attitudes from…

Tuning out negativity to tuning in positivity;
Rigid thinking to flexible thinking;
Self-pity to gratitude;
Selfishness to kindness;
Harboring resentments to compassion and forgiveness;
Guilt or stress to joy, pleasure and relaxation.

We are here to help you face your unique challenges, develop solutions, and build successful careers! 


Our Ideal Client:

  • You may have trouble identifying your skillset in the best possible way

  • You are frustrated by the overwhelming job search process and endless pit of information

  • You want to feel like you wrote your own resume...only you don't have to...

  • You want to feel confident and prepared to WOW the employers you speak to when interviewing

  • You want to know how to optimize your resume to match the jobs you are seeking

  • You want an expert, certified in her industry, to be your Coach, working with you and for you

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