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Your resume is the critical marketing tool for any job search. It becomes the basis from which to build your social media platform. It is a part of your brand, makes you visible to recruiters, and can open the door to your opportunities.  If it works, you work; if it doesn’t work, you don’t have choices that put you to work. (Our services include brief follow-up emails and phone calls at no charge)


         Service                                                                        Fee

Career Coaching                                                              $100          Per Session In Person/Distance 

                                                                                                                  *May include Assessment and Action Plan

Resume Writing-

Basic to Entry Level (Transition)                                      $300            Includes 1 revision


Resume Writing-

Mid-Management to Executive                                      $500           Includes 1 revision

Cover Letter                                                                      $200           Includes 1 revision

Resume Writing-Design Format                                     $400           Includes 1 revision

References                                                                        $100           Includes 1 revision

Thank You Letter                                                              $100           Includes 1 revision

Curriculum Vitae (Academic)                                          $600            Includes 1 revision

Professional Portfolio                                                      $1000           (Inclusive)


Expedited Services                                                         $100+


  • We encourage (but don't require) clients to complete a worksheet and/or one appointment with me that helps to identify and flesh out relevant skills, job descriptions, and achievements. While this step does take time to do well, this makes things as easy as possible and is very effective at helping you understand your unique selling points -- which in turn helps with interviews and career advancement. Clients often tell us how much they get out of this "pre-resume" process. After the worksheet is complete, we will meet with you by phone or in person to dig into the details further. Beyond this, your only job is to provide feedback on your new resume.

  • We strive to finalize a client's resume and cover letter within 7 business days from the time they return the resume information worksheet. If you are quick to respond to the questions and drafts, we can likely finalize professionally written, customized documents in less than 5 business days. All documents are scannable for applicant tracking systems.

  • Payment for services is hosted by PayPal @ You do not, however, need a PayPal account to purchase the resume services. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or any other major credit card. Because of the significant time investment on our end, we require upfront payment in full.

Phone: 859.321.0457    email:    web:

* We'll create the best resume possible for you, but we can't guarantee you a job

We are here to help you face your unique challenges, develop solutions, and build successful careers! 


Our Ideal Client:

  • You may have trouble identifying your skillset in the best possible way

  • You are frustrated by the overwhelming job search process and endless pit of information

  • You want to feel like you wrote your own resume...only you don't have to...

  • You want to feel confident and prepared to WOW the employers you speak to when interviewing

  • You want to know how to optimize your resume to match the jobs you are seeking

  • You want an expert, certified in her industry, to be your Coach, working with you and for you

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